I've been a professional musician and freelancer within the fields of audio and video for almost 20 years. The one thing that has stood out amongst all my experience is that the best work is acheived when the artist/client is in a comfortable and happy environment.


Over the years I've watched the world of technology become so oversaturated with 'what's next' and 'what's best' it seems so often now the artist gets left behind as a disempowered after thought. This is not the case. YOU and your creative ideas are truly all that matters; everything else is secondary.


The real magic is in making the intangible idea, the creative impulse, manifest and live in our reality.


Please take a look and listen to the videos and recordings I've worked on  below and send me over an email or pick up the phone if you think we'll work well together. Any initial consultation is free and I'm more than happy to discuss how we can turn your ideas into reality

Video shoot within a rehersal studio for rock band

'Lost Gravity'.

Getting creative with a fun multi layered video shoot with a

Sixties spoof feel.

Creating a sketch style from a standard shoot and building

effects with overlays.

Fun with green screen and puppets!